HDMI-to-USB Adapter: Go from PC to TV with Ease!

July 31, 2012

HDMI-to-USB-ConverterDeemed as the next generation of audiovisual cabling, high-definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, is widely used in home entertainment applications for the many benefits it provides. HDMI is designed to transmit audio and video signals in high-definition, crystal-clear results in a single cable, hence eliminating the complexities of too many wires often used in the conventional ways of connecting media devices. Since its launch in 2003, HDMI has continued to gain popularity, and today, different types of HDMI cables and converters in various brands, and for different purposes, are available.

Why HDMI-to-USB Converters are Used

An HDMI converter’s versatility has made it the preferred option when it comes to connecting media devices. Connecting your computer/laptop – especially those that are not equipped with an HDMI – to your television monitor, for instance, has become possible with an HDMI-to-USB converter. Even an Apple iPad or iPhone can now be connected to your TV through an HDMI converter.

Aside from mirroring displays, converters may also be equipped with the ability to extend the screen of your computer/laptop. There are a lot of computers/laptops these days that are still not built with a hardware component for extending the screen to a second or third one. An HDMI-to-USB converter, however, can stretch the life of your computer/laptop, giving you more options for displays and allowing you to maximize the use of your devices.

Certainly, watching your favorite movies and YouTube videos online will be so much better and fun seeing them on your TV screen than on that tiny screen of your computer/laptop. You can even browse the internet, play games, or do other computer works using your HDMI-enabled TV. An HDMI converter can also provide ease and convenience while you are doing projects on your computer/laptop like graphic design and video editing, making your work easier and even more fun with the wider screen of your TV. All these can be possible with a good HDMI-to-USB adapter.


When it comes to performance, an HDMI-to-USB converter is exceptional. It seamlessly converts audio and video signals from your computer/laptop, without creating any sort of pauses, gaps, or even noise on the converted HDMI format. With this converter, you get the same and original audio and video quality that you experience from your computer/laptop.

Level of quality

Built with an HDMI port, an HDMI-to-USB converter provides a video port to your computer/laptop, allowing you to see on your TV exactly what is being displayed on your computer/laptop. Designed to convert up to 1080p of resolution, you get to see top-quality, crystal-clear images, as well as experience excellent audio quality.

Best brands

Indeed, there is no other excellent and more fun way of seeing computer/laptop displays to your TV monitor than the use of an HDMI converter. Luckily, the market for this type of devices is huge. For instance, if you’re looking to connect your Apple devices to your TV monitor, there are a lot to choose from. A combination of a good cable and converter, such as an Apple 30-Pin Dock connector to HDMI (type A) converter and an HDMI 1.4 cable, can provide high-quality images on your TV monitor from your Apple device. Supporting up to 1080p resolution and providing high-quality audio, the HD Deck from Sewell is also a great HDMI-to-USB converter. There is also the HDMI converter from Atlona, or the HDPiX, which is able to provide flawless resolution, and in-synced audio and video signals to your TV.

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